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Market leaders for the state of the art ballast & LED driver manufacturing for more than 15 years

The businesses that we invent and build fuel the global economy and improve people's lives. Today, we are LED Driver & SMPS ballast manufacturing company in India. What unifies us? Our Actions and Values What we do and how we work is distinctly Melcon.
It's a way of thinking and working that has grounded our performance for decades. It's a way of talking about our work and ourselves that takes the best from our past and expresses it in the spirit and language of today.

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MELCON is widely recognised for its quality products. Our LED drivers last more than 50000 h with a flexible current setting & Polycarbonate casing. With an input supply voltage of 220-240V, we also offer SMPS with a wide operating range of 185-265 VAc, & a service life of more than 40000 hours

We are certified for our compliance with safety standards, and for best production practices.
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From the very beginnings of our company, when Thomas Edison was changing the world with the power of ideas, Melcon has always stood for one capability above all others - the ability to imagine.Imagine is a sense of possibility that allows for a freedom beyond mere invention.


It's not so much a vision for our future - where we're headed is in many ways a reflection of where we've already been. It's not a destination. It's a quest. A quest for growth. And when we look to the future, we know that for us, there's only one way to get there. Build


Every business has to have a reason to exist - a reason that answers the fundamental question of 'why are we here?' For Melcon, the big question has a simple answer: We exist to solve problems - for our customers, our communities and societies, and for ourselves.


Imagine, Solve, Build, each of these is merely a word without one vital element, Lead. Melcon is already synonymous with leadership. But with this mantle comes responsibility. And it's not just a responsibility to maintain the status quo or manage what worked yesterday. It's the bigger responsibility to change.