About Us

About Us
For more than 15 years, Melcon has been admired for its performance and imaginative spirit

With an experience of nearly two decades, MELCON has been driven by performance & imaginative spirit, which has driven us to pursue perfection. Our business practices fuel the economy & also aims to improve people's lives. Our values have led us to become one of India's leading LED drivers & SMPS ballast manufacturers. Our vision & ethics has led our performance for decades, & following our legacy, has allowed us to adapt the best from the past & apply it to the present & future to obtain the best results.

We aim to provide the best quality of products that not only meets international standards but also complies with the requirements & expectations of our clients. We focus on becoming the market benchmark for electronic ballast manufacturing.

We take pride in the core ethics & values that we implement in the culture at MELCON. Our legacy of quality & precision in terms of our products drives us today, & we extract our core vision from it, to implement it in the present & future of MELCON.

The customer-centric approach has always been one of MELCON's core values. Providing our clients with the best quality & reliable products. Our strong belief in technical freedom for our team to express & implement innovation has been at the core of MELCON's success.

MELCON takes pride in being certified by reputed organizations worldwide, such as TUV Rheinland certification, TUV Nord certification, QCI, IEC, Bureau Of Indian Standards and ZED certification. We are certified for our compliance with safety standards, and for best production practices. Our high-quality & tested products have allowed us to achieve these International certification standards & prove ourselves to our clients.


How We Work

For more than 15 years, MELCON has been admired for its performance and imaginative spirit. The businesses that we invent and build fuel the global economy and improve people's lives. Today, we are one of the best electronic ballast manufacturing company in India. What unifies us? Our Actions and Values. What we do and how we work is distinctly Melcon. It's a way of thinking and working that has grounded our performance for decades. It's a way of talking about our work and ourselves that takes the best from our past and expresses it in the spirit and language of today.
It's about who we are, what we believe, where we're headed, how we'll get there. It's how we imagine, solve, build and lead.


From the very beginnings of our company, when Thomas Edison was changing the world with the power of ideas, Melcon has always stood for one capability above all others - the ability to imagine.Imagine is a sense of possibility that allows for a freedom beyond mere invention. Imagine dares to be something greater.Because at Melcon the act of imagining is fused with empowerment - the confidence that what we imagine, we can make happen.


It's not so much a vision for our future - where we're headed is in many ways a reflection of where we've already been. It's not a destination. It's a quest. A quest for growth. And when we look to the future, we know that for us, there's only one way to get there. Build.


Every business has to have a reason to exist - a reason that answers the fundamental question of why are we here? For Melcon, the big question has a simple answer: We exist to solve problems - for our customers, our communities and societies, and for ourselves.


Imagine, Solve, Build, each of these is merely a word without one vital element, Lead. Melcon is already synonymous with leadership. But with this mantle comes responsibility. And it's not just a responsibility to maintain the status quo or manage what worked yesterday. It's the bigger responsibility to change. Because change is the essence of what it means to lead. It's a call to action that engages our unceasing curiosity, our passion, and our drive to be first in everything that we do.